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Any alternative definition or concept to cover what protocol designers usually refer to as non-repudiation specifications? For example non-repudiation of origin, i.e. the ability of recipient to convince a third party that a message was sent (to him) by a particular sender (at certain time)?

there is some reference in old posting in pkix thread: Meaning of Non-repudation

possibly more than you want to know ... but merged security taxonomy and glossary ... sources at:

has definitions for:

non-repudiation exchange
non-repudiation information
non-repudiation of creation
non-repudiation of delivery
non-repudiation of knowledge
non-repudiation of origin
non-repudiation of receipt
non-repudiation of sending
non-repudiation of submission
non-repudiation of transport
non-repudiation policy
non-repudiation service
non-repudiation token


NRD token
NRO token
NRS token
NRT token

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