| I might be - and it would be interesting to find out.  However, that does
| not necessarily mean that anyone you could find to witness your signature
| also has the knowledge to tie you to that particular Dan Geer so carefully
| documented in the genealogy site.
| I have people who can testify about me - but they're in Chicago and one of
| them (my mother) was a Notary at one time, but I believe she has let her
| license lapse.  I doubt there is a notary who knew me as a kid, knew my
| family and also knows me now and is therefore able to testify that I am that
| same Carl Ellison cited in the genealogy records.
For all the joking about this ... ever see what's involved in getting a
security clearance?  You have to provide a record of everywhere you every
lived.  FBI agents will (sometimes) go out and talk to people there about
you.  The implication is clear:  Paper (much less on-line) records can be
faked.  If you *really* want to be sure that the Carl Ellison you are giving
a clearance is really who he claims he is, go for physical evidence and
people's memories.  *Much* harder to fake.  (Of course, that's also why it's
so expensive to get a security clearance.)
                                                        -- Jerry

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