I might be - and it would be interesting to find out.  However, that does
not necessarily mean that anyone you could find to witness your signature
also has the knowledge to tie you to that particular Dan Geer so carefully
documented in the genealogy site.

I have people who can testify about me - but they're in Chicago and one of
them (my mother) was a Notary at one time, but I believe she has let her
license lapse.  I doubt there is a notary who knew me as a kid, knew my
family and also knows me now and is therefore able to testify that I am that
same Carl Ellison cited in the genealogy records.

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> Subject: Re: Walton's Mountain notaries 
> >   Christmas season is ending - and once again I heard the readings
> >   about the edict from Caesar that all people return to their home
> >   towns to be counted in a census.  Maybe we can take a lesson from
> >   that - and have everyone return to people who have known the
> >   person, uninterrupted, from birth to the present in order to get
> >   anything notarized.  Anyone who couldn't find such people just
> >   couldn't get anything notarized, I guess.
> Without having done anything whatsoever to assist,
> I'm already pretty well documented in two different
> online genealogy sites, and going back several
> generations with all the extended family I never
> met carefully enumerated.  I'd bet you are, too.
> BTW, the guy who played the granddaddy on Walton's
> Mountain was my third cousin, twice removed.
> --Dan
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