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> >                          ... once again I heard the readings about the
> > edict from Caesar that all people return to their home towns to be
> > in a census.  Maybe we can take a lesson from that - and have everyone
> > return to people who have known the person, uninterrupted, from birth to
> > present in order to get anything notarized.  Anyone who couldn't find
> > people just couldn't get anything notarized, I guess.
> It's a lot more complicated than that, Carl.  Society can't demand
> conditions from its citizens, as a precondition to existence.  (This is
> true even if the condition is possible for 99% of the citizens; the other
> 1% have rights too.)

Hi John.

Of course it shouldn't.  I was using that extreme example to drive home the
point that the concept of identity (via notary, in this case) has been
eroded out from under us and we don't have anything to replace it with.  My
guess is that a good replacement will not provide traceability but will meet
our needs (for reputation). However, it's up to people like us to design
that replacement.

 - Carl

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