>   Christmas season is ending - and once again I heard the readings
>   about the edict from Caesar that all people return to their home
>   towns to be counted in a census.  Maybe we can take a lesson from
>   that - and have everyone return to people who have known the
>   person, uninterrupted, from birth to the present in order to get
>   anything notarized.  Anyone who couldn't find such people just
>   couldn't get anything notarized, I guess.

Without having done anything whatsoever to assist,
I'm already pretty well documented in two different
online geneaology sites, and going back several
generations with all the extended family I never
met carefully enumerated.  I'd bet you are, too.

BTW, the guy who played the granddaddy on Walton's
Mountain was my third cousin, twice removed.


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