On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 05:34:05AM -0000, xorc...@sigaint.org wrote:
> I'm not sure I agree with that assessment, but even if you could convince
> me, it's also then brought us full-circle: nukes. So we haven't really
> gained much, by that measure.

But then, try to live the life of some farmer in 730 a.d. or of a slave
in 2.500 b.c. egypt, or that of a miner in 4.000 b.c. china.

In fact, we're living in the best possible times humans have ever had.
Surely there are lots of things which could be better, don't get me
wrong. But one thing is for sure: past times, all of them, were worse
than today for most people on earth.

> And yet, you're also talking to a guy that enjoys jumping out of
> airplanes, and I can tell you that the edge of extinction is a rather
> lovely 45 seconds.

LOL :)


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