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2016-10-19 2:41 GMT+03:00 John Newman <>:
Are you also a holocaust denier like your friend Zen?

Oh, johny, johny... poor johny... you fought Juan and you totally lost, so now 
you came back to bite Zen.... you hate Zenaan and the Truth he spreads so much 
that you must bite him again and again and again. But the problem is - YOU ARE 

For the record - Zen has NEVER denied the holocaust, you cock sucker. NEVER!
He published ONE political-historical essay that discussed about A LOT of 
things and .... that was published on some holocaust denier site.. and 
TA-DAM... johny new-man (dick-man) took it as the ONLY and the MAJOR hook he's 
got on Zen and now he bites him with it every Monday and Saturday.

You piece of stupid scum, johny.
And whenever i see your post/someone qoutes you, i get a vomit reflex, because 
i know it's gonna be super stupid or super ugly (the same refers to Tanaka's 
posts, by the way).

So i repeat my reply to one of your attacks on Zen:
SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave this Great Human Being with the name "Zenaan". 

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