Alex - stick to the smaller "+100" style posts for your comrades. You aren't 
doing them any favors with these longer tirades.

You really come off as a disgusting sort of sycophant...or should I say, 
zenophant :).  Just making fun of your moronic word play, though I understand 
English isn't your first language...

In any case, it'd be nice if you stuck to rimming "Zen the great human beings" 
asshole in private. I imagine I'm not the only one grossed out.


On October 19, 2016 1:17:25 AM EDT, "Александр" <> wrote:
>2016-10-19 2:41 GMT+03:00 John Newman <>:
>> Are you also a holocaust denier like your friend Zen?
>Oh, johny, johny... poor johny... you fought Juan and you totally lost,
>now you came back to bite Zen.... you hate Zenaan and the Truth he
>so much that you must bite him again and again and again. But the
>is - YOU ARE A SLANDERER, johny! A fucken SLANDERER!
>For the record - Zen has NEVER denied the holocaust, you cock sucker.
>He published ONE political-historical essay that discussed about A LOT
>things and ....  that was published on some holocaust denier site.. and
>TA-DAM... johny new-man (dick-man) took it as the ONLY and the MAJOR
>he's got on Zen and now he bites him with it every Monday and Saturday.
>You piece of stupid scum, johny.
>And whenever i see your post/someone qoutes you, i get a vomit reflex,
>because i know it's gonna be super stupid or super ugly (the same
>refers to
>Tanaka's posts, by the way).
>So i repeat my reply to one of your attacks on Zen:
>SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave this Great Human Being with the name

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