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> No. Not really. Not ALL 'white people'. Just people who think being 'white
> people' gives them some privilege or another. IOW It's open season on
> Nazis. Snowflake.
> Ps. I LUV it when the pigs do their job right (by accident ofc) and snuff
> rich little white supremacist punks.

My darling,

Please, ignore that Australian eternal fire garbage.  No heart, no soul, no
music, or poetry.  No useful comments or news about interesting subjects.
He only brings hate and discord to this list, to this world.  Sometimes,
life becomes lighter and more pleasant using filters and avoiding to spend
time giving attention to hateful people.

Z. is so proud of being a "white man" and his skin is much darker than
mine  (3 shades, at least),  a Japanese girl living in a pretty hot
tropical country.  I bet a simple and cheap 23andMe DNA Test will show us
he has Black, Muslim, and Jewish blood too.  It would be a honor for me,
not a shame.

Take care, Rr...  <3


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