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>>>> your bar is pretty low. Majority of countries are better than the
>>> Where?
>> US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet. Any country is
>freer than the US. Next.
>Most of those are blacks, and most of those blacks are descended from 
>those that their home country did not want wandering around for much
>same reasons as we do not want their descendants wandering around.

You're so fucking disingenuous, or maybe just so fucking
stupid, you don't think the effects of enslavement have 
rippled out to the modern day? There's a reason black
people are over represented in things like extrajudicial
killings (murder by pig), and incarceration, and those 
reasons are (a) racist assholes like you and (b) a system 
that already grinds the little guy down has ground the little 
black guy even harder for even longer, with no appreciation
for the fact that the wealth of these "United States" were 
built on the bloody whipped backs of those self same 

>The incarceration rate for whites is similar to that of most white 
>>> The US is as free or freer than any white country,
>>      like I said I won't bother with rankings.
>What white countries have you been to?
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