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> > > > .... So you don't have any definition for "left"?
> > > > or "right" for that matter.

> > jam...@echeque.com wrote:
> > > Right and left were defined in the French Revolution.

> On 2019-08-16 4:01 am, Punk wrote:
> > And the right defended monarchy, feudalism and theocracy
> > while the left opposed it. The left included the LIBERTARIANS,
> > or whoever passed for libertarian.

> jam...@echeque.com wrote:
> The left immediately started issuing lots of fiat money, imposed price
> controls, and engaged in mass conscription.

On 2019-08-16 2:47 pm, Punk wrote:
and by the way, you stupid liar, I didn't mean that the socialists and 
libertarians during the french revolution were the same party. I only  pointed 
out that both sat 'on the left' and that both opposed monarchy.

The people you are calling libertarians are those who opposed price controls on grain.

Events proved that it was a disastrous idea for them to sit on the left, as the left implemented the reverse of their policies, and executed large numbers of them.

For two hundred and fifty years, libertarians have been kissing up to the left, and for two hundred and fifty years, the left has responded with brutal violence.

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