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> >>>> your bar is pretty low. Majority of countries are better than
> >>>> the US,
> >
> >>> Where?
> >
> >> US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet. Any country
> >> is freer than the US. Next.
> >
> >Most of those are blacks, and most of those blacks are descended
> >from those that their home country did not want wandering around
> >for much the same reasons as we do not want their descendants
> >wandering around.
> You're so fucking disingenuous, or maybe just so fucking
> stupid, you don't think the effects of enslavement have 
> rippled out to the modern day?

Come on John - that's a change of topic, so a bit of a straw man.

Your 'arguments' will be received much more powerfully if you begin
with acknowledgment of that part of your opponents 'argument' which
you are able to acknowledge - reactionary topic changing suggests to
the reader that you may be close to unable to assess (rationally that
is) both sides of the argument you just pounded into emotionally -
it's an easy thing to do, just as well --I'd-- never do that :D

> There's a reason black people are over represented in things like
> extrajudicial killings (murder by pig), and incarceration,

We have a lot of bad laws.

We jave some bad cops.

We have many self serving politicians, and an administration (behind
the politicians) which operates mostly in the murky shadows.

For your argument that 'murder by pig' is supposedly significant (at
least, to any discerning reader), you'd have to separate the actual
statistics/ ratios, per race, per locality, for both sides of such
shootings, and for both directions of such shootings - 'murder of
pig' is the other direction.

Only THEN can you normalise (if you have the statistical ability) for
the delta between specific cases.

Without doing this, you're emotionally handwaving or reacting.

If you did do that, or found someone who has done that, this would be
positively intriguing information - or at least something much close
to information than your above spouting.

There is a very simple stat which has been memed prodigiously in the
last few "TDS" years - the murder rate, for blacks and whites, and by
whom - blacks murder at an extremely high rate, and murder their own
at similarly high rates.

The testosterone of the black man is notably higher than (at least
modern) white man. Combine this fact with a bunch of bullshit laws
such as smoking and selling weed being "illegal; to jail sonny" and
that testosterone in the blacks flairs up in particularly
unfortunately useless ways like shooting one another, rather than
uniting, forming their own local sanity coalitions... whitey appears
to have a consistent advantage when it comes to strategic thinking.

> and those reasons are (a) racist assholes like you

That's meaningless, emotionally reactive "leftist" crap.

> and (b) a system that already grinds the little guy down

This is a very agreeable assertion. Pathetic laws which consistently
advantage fake persons such as corporations, and the wealthy and
powerful oligarchs.

> has ground the little black guy even harder for even longer,

You really (seriously) should take in some african "immigrants"
(fresh off a boat), and put them up in a spare room, sunroom, tent,
whatever - especially islamic Africans fresh off the boat, especially
if you have young children sharing your home, especially if those
young or teenaged children are female.

Enjoy the "love" John, enjoy the love and utopia of peaceful and
inspiring miscegenating heavenly love, banging down your beaten sorry
cracka arse. Would be very fitting that - may be smack some wake up
sense into you, get a dose of the true bullshit we've been programmed
to believe.

> with no appreciation for the fact that the wealth of these "United
> States" were built on the bloody whipped backs of those self same
> people.

Local African king or warlord is offered gold for some of his own,

The high testosterone rowdy males who step over their own tribal line
(within their own dang localities and people even) are often offered
the choice - go work for cracka in the New World, or we will point
the bone at you | burn you alive | run you out of the tribe.

Fine choice - what a great option indeed, go to the new world,
possibly make a life their.

So, some form of convict in other words.

Remember, white Irish slaves were the first slaves in America...

Anyway, in our own way we probably all wish the world was simpler -
more black and white (no pun intended).

Due to the limits of data collection and corresponding statistical
analysis, we shall likely never know the true % of those slaves who
were criminals vs "undesirable for non criminal reasons" or those
just plain kidnapped "in coastal raids" into the slave trade by the
(arguably largely Jewish) slavers or slave traders (la sluttie Wikkie
do not seem to explain this part, simply using the term "Western
European slave traders", so reader beware):

  Atlantic slave trade

  Slavery in the colonial United States

  African Slave Trade Patrol

I used to have a less politically slanted link than Wikipedia but
cannot locate that atm...

David Duke for example cites a book written by an orthodox Jewish
rabbi, Rabbi Van de Kamp, published in 2013:

  Jewish Role in African Slave Trade Admitted by Rabbi
  in New Jewish Book

A seemingly well written but unattributed article refutes at least
some of the "Jews were predominant in the early modern slave trade"
position, although without addressing the above book in particular:

  Jews and the African Slave Trade

> >The incarceration rate for whites is similar to that of most white 
> >countries.
> >
> >>> The US is as free or freer than any white country,
> >
> >>    like I said I won't bother with rankings.
> >
> >What white countries have you been to?
> >
> >
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