US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet. Any country is
freer than the US. Next.

Most of those are blacks, and most of those blacks are descended from
those that their home country did not want wandering around for much
same reasons as we do not want their descendants wandering around.

You're so fucking disingenuous, or maybe just so fucking
stupid, you don't think the effects of enslavement have
rippled out to the modern day?


Subsaharan Africans in Africa, who never experienced slavery, behave worse than whites, (check the murder rates) and some kinds of Africans behave worse than others.

While subsaharan Africans are inherently worse behaved than whites, there is a marked difference between those who came here as slaves, and those who came here under their own power.

When those blacks that sold their brethren to us migrate to the US under their own power, they and their children are far better behaved than the descendants of those that they sold, even though their children are raised in exactly the same environment.

The problem is obviously a genetic propensity to bad conduct, a propensity considerably worse among the those descended from those who got enslaved for hunting other people's cattle and gathering from other people's gardens.

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