> If you want liberty, China is better than the US,

On 2019-08-17 6:10 am, Punk wrote:
your bar is pretty low. Majority of countries are better than the US,

Where? In England and Europe you get thrown in jail for thought crimes that in the US would merely result in HR having you fired.

What countries do you have in mind as more free than the US? I named several. Name a few.

The US is as free or freer than any white country, considerably more free than any other democracy, considerably more free than Western Europe, England, Australia, or New Zealand.

If you have counter example, name it.

        nice thing about thailand is that prostitution is more 'tolerated' and 
there are no piece of shit jew-kkkristians. Apart from that, I expect thailand 
to be under the rule of jew-kristian anglo-american scum, associated with the 
local oligarchy.

Your expectations are incorrect.

        thailand's version of the americunt 'war on drugs' seems to be 
especially unhinged.

I can buy testosterone there. Cannot buy it in the US. Cops there are courteous. Airport security helpful and friendly rather than jackbooted thugs. I can say anything in Thailand except that I cannot disrespect the King. I can even disrespect the state religion provided I do not do so in a holy place. And illegal drugs seem to be readily available, though I find legal drugs more than adequate.

I have been to these places. It is obvious that you have not.

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