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> None of these are real monarchies, where the monarch exercises real power.

Real monarchs don't have any real power.

The King of the emirate of Dubai, the land of which Dubai is the capital, quite obviously exercises real power, Dubai is largely his personal property, and Dubai is, for its citizens, and for the better sort of people among its non citizen majority, the most free country in the world (for other non citizens, not so free)

The King of Thailand exercises a lot of power, though less than the King of Dubai. He has to accommodate the military, but the military have to accommodate him. You are free to say bad things about the military, but the one substantial restriction on freedom in Thailand is that you are not free to say bad things about the King.

Never ever did. There's only one form of government : oligarchy. An organized 
gang of criminals and 'merchants'

That is Commie class theory, that capitalism is rule by the capitalist class.

Merchants never rule. We are always ruled by priests or warriors, and currently ruled by priests.

Reactionary class theory: https://blog.jim.com/politics/reaction-101-priests-and-warriors

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