As have been a lot of my replies today... I do not do things blindly, I
work with lossy on purpose and have my reasons which have worked well for
me for over 5 years now.

but whilst everyone has now decided to point blame at the dng format I
think we can stop this thread. As I hoped to learn more about DT, not dng.

DT, clearly needs to find simpler solutions to its not so simple/effecient
highlight recovery/reconstruction workflow. Most of my searching lead to
blogs with this being the biggest complaint.


On Sun, 08 Apr 2018, 23:12 Michael Rasmussen <> wrote:

> Two important things concerning the DNG*) format:
> 1) Lossless is an option
> 2) The DNG format also specifies a non-raw format called Linear DNG.
> See
> If any of the above is in actual play then your results are to be
> expected.
> *)
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> /usr/games/fortune -es says:
> Yow!  Now I get to think about all the BAD THINGS I did to a BOWLING

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