True... ultimately everyone's help here has been great, definitely
getting close to a work around.

Speaking of lossy .dng files... what would your suggestions be for an
alternative format that maintains a good amount of data without costing
to much in filesize?


On 2018/04/08 08:04 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Chris <> [04-08-18 22:35]:
>> Agreed! The original cr2 would have more data.
>> The fact remains though that LR is able to do a much better job with
>> this compressed DNG than DT can.
>> Chris
>> On 2018/04/08 07:21 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
>>> might be better if you would provide the "original" raw image instead of
>>> the conversion to dng image.  no conversion contains all the exact 
>>> "original"
>>> image data.
> and you are using lr's app to convert the original to a file designed to
> be as compatible as possible to lr, not dt.  you will achieve better
> results in dt using the *original* file format.
> dng is definitely not designed with the intent to be compatible with
> anything not sold by adobe.  adobe wants profits, it doesn't intend to
> give *anything* away.

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