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>>> I think it's clear that the TC believes that this package is not DFSG
>>> free.
>>> I think it's clear that the TC believes perl would be better if the
>>> situation was improved.
>>> I thought it was clear we believed perl had a DFSG issue, although IRC
>>> discussion today makes that less clear.
>>> I don't think the value of having the TC formally say any of those
>>> specific things is very high.
>> Please describe the relevant differences between browserified javascript 
>> and perl that make the TC believe that the former has a DFSG issue but 
>> the latter probably has not, in a way that I can deduct what the TC 
>> would believe regarding the similiar problem related to SQLite.
> Configure in Perl is a build tool, and appears amenable to manual
> patching.
> Browserified Javascript is hardly human-editable, and it is shipped as
> part of built packages.

I don't think this is the debate. The debate is around pre-minified
versions. Those versions are also human-editable and amenable to manual
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