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>>>> Please describe the relevant differences between browserified javascript 
>>>> and perl that make the TC believe that the former has a DFSG issue but 
>>>> the latter probably has not, in a way that I can deduct what the TC 
>>>> would believe regarding the similiar problem related to SQLite.
>>> Configure in Perl is a build tool, and appears amenable to manual
>>> patching.
>>> Browserified Javascript is hardly human-editable, and it is shipped as
>>> part of built packages.
>> I don't think this is the debate. The debate is around pre-minified
>> versions. Those versions are also human-editable and amenable to manual
>> patching.
> I dispute that there was anything like a useful debate, because all
> attempts to discover what "browserified" is supposed to mean have been
> ignored.  Despite that, this is still the term that continues to be used
> to pose the question.

What "browserified" means may still be debatable, but nobody is
pretending that minified JS without source is suitable for main. The
usage to put non-minified JS in debian/missing-sources is quite
A is for Apple.
                -- Hester Pryne

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