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> the ability to talk privately with the committee is something CTTE has
> allowed for a long time

Debian has many great traditions, but the Magna Carta is much older. I
found a great article about it ([1], p. 5):

"the simple human need for fairness, reflected in western
jurisprudence since at least 1215 when it was pronounced in the Magna
Carta, underlies the legal concerns about ex parte communications
during administrative decisionmaking processes. Fairness certainly
requires an impartial decisionmaker, and often the appearance of
impartiality can become as important a factor in the legal review of
fairness as actual impartiality."

The State of Hawai'i publishes a simpler guidance prohibiting private
communications with a judge. [2]

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Felix Lechner

[2] https://www.courts.state.hi.us/self-help/exparte/ex_parte_contact

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