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To summarize:

 - Russ has patiently tried to help you understand why the relationship
between Debian and its users is *not* a customer-vendor relationship, and
   users do *not* have the right to expect that Debian, or a particular
   Debian developer, fix their personal problem
- You have responded by telling someone with 20 years of experience in Free Software why he's wrong when he talks about the kind of relationship that he's willing to have with his users, that he does not have the right of self-determination that he is asserting, and that your world view is the
   correct one instead of his.

So thanks, I guess, for being an object lesson in why it's necessary for
Free Software developers to set boundaries in their work?

I don't think you realized that when I wrote my original message I was trying to shed some light on what other people think and feel.

It is also clear that Russ has responded much more kindly to my last message than you here, so what makes you think you speak in his name then? But I don't have time for it now, will get back to it later (thank you Russ!).

I just think it is remarkable that when you try to explain the mindsets of other people (perhaps, possibly including my own, but still, I was talking about other people and what they feel when they say certain things, and what they mean when they say certain things) it is taken as a personal assault and you go and attack the messenger.

I say "the sun is low in the sky" and you attack me for putting the sun low in the sky.

Or for claiming that the sun should be low in the sky.

I say "people are upset that they've lost work" and you respond by saying "if you think it is our duty to ensure that you (with emphasis on you) don't lose work, you're mistaken".

It would be helpful if you could put some distance into it and talk of these things as a "disinterested" person. Just because I voice some opinions doesn't mean they are my own, or that they are my own exclusively, or that it was my intent to voice my own opinions.

But you grab onto it like a madman, so to speak, and attack everything I've said as if the intent of it was to attack you; I would say that an opinion cannot attack anything, it is merely a thought, and you can put it on a rock in the desert and it won't do anything, it will just sit there, so to speak.

A thought is an object, it cannot attack you. Particularly if I am merely relaying the thoughts of other people as my own perhaps, but that was not the intent. If I merely say "some people feel that" or "when they say these things, they mean..." then it is not a personal assault and you should not take it as such.

I was trying to explain why people think a certain way and that is all I did. In fact, I merely told why they /feel/ a certain way, not even why they think that way (there is nothing wrong with thinking, right).

Moreoever everything you accuse me of in the above fragment you write, you do yourself. I will leave it at that.

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