2018-04-24 22:16 GMT+02:00 Matthew Woodcraft <matt...@woodcraft.me.uk>:

> Nguyễn Hồng Quân wrote:
>> I'm using Debian 9 on an ARM board (BeagleBone), for our IoT project.
>> We write an application which needs Python 3.6. But we are struggling with
>> packaging Python 3.6 as deb packages for Debian 9. We found the dsc file
>> for Debian buster. But there is difference in dependency hierarchy between
>> Stretch and Buster, so the found script produces *.deb files which are not
>> installable (due to missing dependencies).
> You didn't say what dependency problem you're seeing. Is it python3.6
> depending on python3-distutils?
> If it is, you might try building the 3.6.5-3 source package from sid
> rather than the 3.6.5~rc1-1 package from buster, as that dependency has
> been removed there.
> That should give you a working Python 3.6, but without distutils which
> has recently been moved to the python3-stdlib-extensions package. If you
> need distutils you might try backporting that too.
Upgrade the python system from 3.5 to 3.6 might breaks some python system
libraries, no ?

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