> On 8/18/21 2:57 AM, Phillip Stevens wrote:
>> Yes, I'd also love (pay) to have decent graphics support. I migrated my
>> Ultra 5 to Sparc64 in 2018
>> <https://feilipu.me/2018/04/14/old-sunshine-migrating-ultra5-to-sparc64/>
>> and since then hardly turned it on.
>> The graphics are a real weak point. I've both PGX-64 and XVR-100 graphics,
>> and also tried a bunch of x86 PCI cards with no luck.

FYI, I patched the abandoned sunffb driver (for Creator3D) at some point
and got it working on my Ultra10 again:

Still couldn't get Xorg into a usable state, it would simply refuse to
register mouse clicks and keyboard input (the mouse cursor did move
around though).

I also tried to somehow get the patched package reintroduced into
Debian, but it was refused because it would only work on sparc64. :/

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