Mathieu Ducharme <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said on Thu, 22 Jul 2004 23:33:48 -0400:
> I'm pretty sure dictionary attack also look for this. (?)
> Use other characters that will make the word absolutely not dictionar- related
> x[([EMAIL PROTECTED])~(w0rD)]x
> Still as easy to remember (longer to type though)

I don't rememeber my password, my fingers do.

Which means, that when you come off a plane with your BIOS passwd
protected laptop that you had been using fine for quite some time on
the plane and at the airport, and you develop a massive headache,
then the headache goes away, and you plug in, and try to remember your
password, because your fingers are getting it wrong, well, no good

So you try to log in to your home institution, thinking that maybe the
BIOS absorbed a few too many cosmic rays, and start panicking, because
none of the passwords you have used in the past 5 years
works. Eventually, let the pain in your head subside, and find out
that that headache simply caused your brain to forget that you changed
passwords about a month back, and somehow your fingers aren't
remembering for the time being :)

TimC --
"Does bacteria culture in coffee cup qualify as pet? Have already
givink it name." -- Pitr Dubovich/User Friendly

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