On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, s. keeling wrote:

> Incoming from Alvin Oga:
> > 
> >     - and hopefully, they don't have the passwd file from /etc/shadow
> >     to compare against 
> Agreed.  Once they're in, all bets are off. 

best to assume they are already in and sniffing .. 24x7 and work knowing
they can pick up info from their hidden special directory
        - if you write a single "a" into  /tmp/a.txt
        the other 511 bytes is available for a secret filesystem
        ( lots of unused disk space available for hiding
        ( that regular tools will never find these constantly changing
        (  hidden files

> Why bother to crack if you can sniff?

but they and anybody can sniff ???  and yes ... 10x easier to sniff
and maybe even get lucky and get the passwd to all their machines
at work too

        - sniff your boxes at the colo ...
        ( lots of wrong masks being set, to be able to sniff other
        ( machines - sorta illegal to sniff ??
        - sniff the wireless connection ...
        1/2 the wireless network is not encrypted, so hopefyully,
        they are least using ssh for all data transfers
        ( good for tricking a few people to hang around longer
        ( to see what they're sniffing on an unencrypted wep traffic

        - kimet + ethereal .. see your neighbor's data

c ya

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