Interesting, you are right.  If I kill the artsd sound server mozilla 
clears itself up and that page will load without a problem when I 
reload mozilla, if I disable the artsd (kde sound server).  So the dpkg 
-reconfigure doesn't help?

On June 11, 2002 03:30 pm, gerhard wrote:
> Hi Dave, Hi folks,
> Am Dienstag, 11. Juni 2002 06:09 schrieb Dave Thayer:
> > This page has a flash plugin in it. There are several mentions of
> > problems with flash problems in the moz release notes. In
> > particular, the flash plugin doesn't seem to share the audio
> > device nicely.
> You're right, My mozilla and mozilla-snapshot crashes too on that
> site.
> I'm shure it's due to the flashplugin.
> But I'm still wondering why several people doesn't got problems
> with it, even if they use es1371 and alsa with flashplugin 5.0 r48
> together, like me.
> I did a dpkg -reconfigure mozilla and choose artsdsp wrapper to
> avoid such crashes. But mozilla crashes nevertheless.
> Any clues?
> gerhard

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