Am Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2002 03:53 schrieb Richard Beri:
> Interesting, you are right.  If I kill the artsd sound server
> mozilla clears itself up and that page will load without a
> problem when I reload mozilla, if I disable the artsd (kde sound
> server).  So the dpkg -reconfigure doesn't help?


I'm looking really for long time for a solution on that issue, 
without helpful results. You can search in several german mozilla 
and debian groups. I never received a fully satisfied answer. 

My last chance is to purge anything that has to do with mozilla, 
because I have at least 4 versions shoulder at shoulder (like the 
germans use to say :). After deleting all traces of them I'll 
gonna reinstall one mozilla 1.0 version with apt-get from unstable.

There is a chance that the earlier installed tarballs desturb the 
method to avoid mozilla to grab for the esd or dsp (don't know 
exactly), provided by the deb scripts.

Do you agree that this deals with the bug ?

I'll gonna purge my mozilla's at the end of the week. 
So, hopefully we'll got an answer than.



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