On Tuesday 11 June 2002 10:58 pm, John Griffiths wrote:

> lynx beats them all for straight text. try nested tables, javascript,
> anigifs, and flash plugins on the same page.
> Thats when you find out what your browser's worth
> YMMV yourself, but my job takes me to these monstrosities all the time.

You didn't give your timing results (mine were 3 seconds vs 11 seconds for 
Netscape vs Mozilla) or offer benchmarks of your own (you can send me a big 
*.tar.gz if you want). I almost feel that my work on the 2-line bash script, 
and my sleepless nights of waiting for Mozilla to finally start up have been 

Yes Netscape crashes every few ours of casual browsing, and it probably lags 
behind in terms of standard-compliance, and it can not disable pop-ups, but 
Mozilla is so painfully SLOOOOOOOOOW, I lose all interest in what CNN has to 
say by the time the site shows up.


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