>(I repeated the whole experiment twice for each browser, starting them
>and shutting them down after the experiment)
>HW: K6-2 550 w/ 256 MB (Java disabled in Netscape. Don't know about
Mozilla - 
>whichever way it comes on Woody)

first problem, woody's version isn't close to the 1.0 release.

>BTW, starting Mozilla also takes a while : 21 seconds
>One could argue that the real test for browsers is rendering remote web
>with some text and some graphics in them, but as I mentioned, it's also been 
>my (this time subjective) experience that Mozilla is several times slower.

lynx beats them all for straight text. try nested tables, javascript,
anigifs, and flash plugins on the same page.

Thats when you find out what your browser's worth

YMMV yourself, but my job takes me to these monstrosities all the time.

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