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I was having a similar problem just last week after an update>safe upgrade..
After scratching my head for several days and trying everything I could 
think of (including querying this list), I found I had something called 
PulseAudio-volume-control installed, a graphical tool to manage volume 
for PA , and, when I found it, it showed "analog output" as muted (no 
idea why), I unmuted it, and had my sound back!
If you can't find it, install it and check all the volume settings.
It's listed in the repos as pavucontrol.
so just apt-get install pavucontrol .
  (or aptitude if you prefer)
aptitude install pavucontrol
     Many thanks for your suggestion, Anthony.  But I've already tried
     pavucontrol, which I had installed quite a while ago.  So I'm still

     Alas for the days of wheezy, when everything _worked_!!

Alan, who is pleased at least to be able to get on line from his jessie install

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