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> Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2016 7:56:48 AM
> Subject: Re: Sound on jessie
> I was having a similar problem just last week after an update>safe
> upgrade.. After scratching my head for several days and trying everything
> I could think of (including querying this list), I found I had something
> called PulseAudio-volume-control installed, a graphical tool to manage
> volume for PA , and, when I found it, it showed "analog output" as muted
> (no idea why), I unmuted it, and had my sound back!
> If you can't find it, install it and check all the volume settings.
> It's listed in the repos as pavucontrol.
> so just apt-get install pavucontrol .
>   (or aptitude if you prefer)
> aptitude install pavucontrol
>      Many thanks for your suggestion, Anthony.  But I've already tried
>      pavucontrol, which I had installed quite a while ago.  So I'm still
>      stymied.
>      Alas for the days of wheezy, when everything _worked_!!
> Alan, who is pleased at least to be able to get on line from his jessie
> install

Usually there is a problem with something muted, so if pulse is OK go down
and check alsamixer.

If for some reason alsamixer (alsa-utils) is not in ubunto - I don't know.

If this does not help provide information on your audio chip

lspci | grep Audio

cat /sys/bus/hdaudio/devices/hdaudioC0D0/chip_name

It could be (writing from experience) that new kernel with drivers enabled
HDMI for your chipset and now you have a different cards order - If you
have HDMI audio, you may try disabling this in bios.


PS: To all "recommending" - Knoppix - it is great, but it is not the way to
put it forward here (IMO).
Now that we know Alan is using Ubuntu, he could even try ubuntu live in
former or current version to compare.

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