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> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 12:20:24PM +0200, deloptes wrote:
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> > I still use google and if I type in "debian p1109w", the first 10 results
> > cover both threads.
> > About 1999 doing a research on search engine algos, we (at the university)
> > came to the conclusion google has the best one ... so why would you relay
> > on something else?
> Privacy?
> See, sometimes there are reasons beyond technical ones. At least for me.
> (I alternate between DuckDuckGo and searx)

The issue was one in which the plugin from HP would not install because
it was seen to have an invalid checksum. The printer model is of no
relevance because hp-plugin has no idea for which printer it is being

The thread referenced by Ralph Katz has no mention of corrupt plugins so
would be of no help in solving the issue, irrespective of the p1109w
getting a mention. However it does hint at using printer-driver-foo2zjs
as an alternative to printer-driver-hpcups. Had it been impossible to
install the plugin from openprinting (we saw it wasn't) this would have
been an option to take. Not ideal in terms of the stated problem but
much more elegant and less hassle than buying a different printer.


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