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> > [...]
> > Note that what Google calls there "less secure applications" is just
> > marketing mumbo-jumbo to nudge users off their non-browser clients.
> I know. But knowing it, and perhaps blaiming it, is not a solution.

Of course not. It's just noticing the problem. This is a prerequisite for
the solution :-)

> > Is changing mail provider an option for you?
> Yes, not an easy one, 'though. Image writing to all your contacts,
> human and automatic ones, and convince them to write to a new email
> address.
> Moreover, is this going to be a solution?

To some things, yes. To others, no :-)

But at least expect a more "normal" IMAP access than Google offers...

> Which provider would you suggest?

Depends on where you are. Over here in Germany, I know a few good
ones costing a small fee.

Elsewhere, perhaps riseup [1] is an option. It's donation-funded,
so consider throwing some small amount into their hat.


[1] https://riseup.net/

-- tomás

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