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>> Note that what Google calls there "less secure applications" is just
>> marketing mumbo-jumbo to nudge users off their non-browser clients.
> I know. But knowing it, and perhaps blaiming it, is not a solution.
>> Is changing mail provider an option for you?
> Yes, not an easy one, 'though. Image writing to all your contacts,
> human and automatic ones, and convince them to write to a new email
> address.
> Moreover, is this going to be a solution?
> Which provider would you suggest?
> Cheers, Loredana
I use https://protonmail.com/ which is due to get features such as
calender etc very soon



disroot also offers, cloud, file sharing and many other services. 

Moving is not always difficult or can just be time consuming.  I spent a
good few hours logging in to websites, changing my credentials and
confirming from the resulting e-mail. 

It also gives you a chance to do an audit and decide do I use this
service, if not dump it or move the e-mail associated with that to
another service,  2 or 3 disroot services are good for different things.

I had scam e-mail a while back, sent a e-mail to report it, and got a
reply asking for me to include headers, so the developers want you and
care about their user base enough to do this.

Hope this helps


>> Cheers
>> -- tomás

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