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On Sat, 2024-02-24 at 10:03 -0500, gene heskett wrote:
bluetooth, and It looks as if I have to buy a BT adaptor, so advise on
that front would be most welcome also.

If you're locking for a bluetooth USB adapter: I have a 'Bluetooth
5.0' adapter from TP-Link which works with Fedora.  I've been able to
use it with a headset and an xbox controller.  A smartphone and an IP
phone also show up as devices, but I haven't tried to use them via

I have only one enabled radio, in a 3d printer, lists all the neighbors wifi routers it scans for and I assume the neighbors can hear it, but this things login id does not appear in its scan. Maybe its duff, IDK.

However, a while ago I found that the xbox controller did have
connection issues in that the connection seemed to get interrupted, so
I went back to using an USB cable.  I'm pretty sure it's a software
problem because it worked fine at first.  I don't know if it's been
fixed since because my workstation only has 4 USB ports of which 3
are occupied and an USB cable extension is plugged into the 4th for
the xbox controller.

How does the watch you got measure blood sugar?  Doesn't that require
a blood sample?

That is what the FDA is pushing. This shines a uv led, and claims to be able to measure by the color of the blood going by. But w/o a bt connection to the net, it can't even tell the time, its about a month out of whack.

Thanks hw. Take care and stay well.

Cheers, Gene Heskett, CET.
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