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Am Montag, 26. Februar 2024, 12:24:34 CET schrieb hw:
If you're locking for a bluetooth USB adapter: I have a 'Bluetooth
5.0' adapter from TP-Link which works with Fedora.  I've been able to
use it with a headset and an xbox controller.  A smartphone and an IP
phone also show up as devices, but I haven't tried to use them via

I suppose, you have the same BT-dongle as mine.

I own a cheap medical watch from China (KR80 same as Fair Boltt Smartwatch),
which obviously presents many watches, as most watches are suing the same App
on the mobile device regardless of the manufacturer.

You find many videos on youtube related to the Fair Boltt watch.

So I guess, they are all working same way.

Here I have a Lenovo T520 with built-in bluetooth adapter and a TP-Link USB

I can confirm, the built-in adapter does NOT see the watch, however, the TP-
Link dongle does see it. Sadly I was not able to pair the watch, but I
believe, I do not know the correct pairing number (1234 and 0000) did not work
and on the watch is no option to set one.

However, on my mobile a pairing password or number is not needed and for
pairing the special app is also not needed on the mobile.

This let me conclude, some other thing I must have missed.

For testing purposes I used kde in-built blue-tooth-manager and as well the
app "blueman" from Gnome. I had the feeling, blueman is working more stable
and smoother than the kde-built-in one.

If someone knows, how to pair these (maybe I have to take notice of some
things), I will take a further look.

I hope, this helped a little bit more.
It does shine a bit of light on some of the problems to be aware of.

Thanks Hans. Take care & stay well.



Cheers, Gene Heskett, CET.
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