On Mon Feb 26th, 2024, at 15:49, Gene Heskett wrote:

> I have only one enabled radio, in a 3d printer, lists all the neighbors
> wifi routers it scans for and I assume the neighbors can hear it, but
> this things login id does not appear in its scan. Maybe its duff, IDK.

     I seriously doubt the watch has a wifi radio. Even if it has, you
  cannot see it because it's a client, not a server (that's the way
  wifi works).

> But w/o a bt
> connection to the net, it can't even tell the time, its about a month
> out of whack.

    Even if you can pair it to your computer, I seriously doubt you can
  do anything because you'd need a program that is able to tell it
  what time it is (and I do not even talk about asking it about
  glucose levels -- but that's probably not a problem, because
  if it were that easy to do reliably, you'd find a lot of big-brand
  products doing it, and they would get a certification).


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