On 11 Mar 99 at 10:08, Dennis Chuah wrote:

> Rohit, did you remember to register the product?  

Yes  :-)

> Complaining to magazines will not make Crystal Report a better 
> product.  Let Seagate know of your gripes and let them think how 
> they can improve the product / their support. 

Thats a joke is it ?  Let me explain, for two weeks I barraged the 
support email address with variations of form fill-in to ensure one 
was good.  I also barraged their other known email addresses.  I also 
tried all their known fax numbers (after spending hours on line 
looking at US yellow pages) before I found one fax number that 
worked.  And the only reason I got a reply was that it was addressed 
to the President with a statement saying that I wrote for various 
Delphi Mags and was going to take it up with them.

Then I get a non-techo person emailing me to tell me what the
passwords were, which is all I needed.  She also promised that they
were going to look into their email system.  In my reply to her, I
asked her to indicate receipt of my email.. Two weeks later - nada. 
So I email her again and asked her if she had received my reply and
what they had done about their email system.  The reply "you must
have entered the form incorrectly, they get junked.  No one else has
a problem with it."  Yes sure, how would they know.

The bottom line is that some companies actively want to improve their 
support - not Crystal aka Seagate.  If you have had better luck, then 
you have been lucky.  Because this was not an isolated incident.  The 
same sort of thing happened in Oct last year and in Aug before that.

In fact, the only time I have had good support was when their support 
fax number used to work.



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