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Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 7:58 AM
Subject: Re: [DUG]: Delphi and Crystal on NT4

>Thanks Steve for your comments. I'm using the 16bit Dlls from CR ver
> CR help replied within an hour to a request made at their WWW
>site with several things to try. Particularly doing a comparison of DLLs
>loaded on a PC when the reports run OK and on an NTWS4 box where the
>repoarts all fail. The tool to use for this is their DSX.EXE (16bit).

Okay I wouldn't myself knowingly install or sell 16 bit software on NT :).
**It would help to identify the database file format or server you are
trying to report on**. From there we can list the minimum DLL's and known
good versions. Crystal has an annoying tendency to load all dlls at the same
base address which requires endless "rebasing". Some of the user defined
dlls are a bit brittle and they can be loaded even when not called. So you
need a minimalist \crystal directory.

Also if say you are using oracle native (via SQLNet/Oracle Call Interface)
Crystal will dump some of this stuff off its own CD in \system32 when there
are perfectly good if not later versions in orant\bin. Guess which stuff
gets loaded first? So dll pollution can be a problem. It is even worse if
you have 16 bit Visual Basic installled coz then you will get the cut down
version of Crystal sprayed in different places, some of which works with CR5
and some of which doesn't. Nice.

If you are using BDE as middleware to your data, as you appear to be, then
Crystal Reports usually 1.ships with an out of date BDE, at least 32 bit
anyways. 2. It may blindly create a new BDE directory under its own crw32
directory and try and make this current. Sometimes it will append the path
to this new BDE directory at the end of the path stored in the registry,
creating havoc when the BDE goes looking for dlls. Try installing CR5 prior
to any subsequent BDE installs.Try the NT registry? May not be important for
16 bit BDE.

Unlike Rohit, I have found them pretty good although that might be due to
the nice pen set air freighted by marketing after a particularly pleading
email. The web portal is pretty crude but I have found that they will reply
within 5 days usually and you need to give detailed technical posts to
ensure it goes to software engineers first off. Gee, they have even been
willing to share code from future releases (Excel export dll). As a
developer tool its second to none in my opinion. Crystal Reports and big
sister Crystal Info/Crystal Info SDK can do virtually anything. The next
version will probably have VBA scripting chucked in as well. Stick with it.

>The most likely cause is a missing DLL, I think. Would you agree?
>At worst I could strip all the reports out into a D4 program, even if that
>meant installing two BDEs on a server.

Yep missing, duplicated or inaccessible. I mean it works for millions of
others, so its just a snag


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