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>And for Russel, I would strongly recommend you use the 32-bit crystal report
>engine.  We still have 16-bit exes, and these call a 32-bit exe to do the
>reporting.  There is much you can do with the 32-bit print engine.
>Furthermore, you can use the report distribution expert to setup the print
>engines on your client's machine.
>I also suggest that you use the version 6 runtime as the version 5 runtime
>has a few bugs.  Version 5 reports are compatible with version 6 runtime.
>Haven't used version 7, so I cannot comment on that.  Version 6 also has a
>COM interface that allows you to easily write user defined functions in
>Delphi, VB, etc.
>The only thing I would like to see in the VCL that is available in the VB
>control is the ability to create adhoc reports from a datasource.  This will
>round up a great product.
 Hi Dennis

Thanks for your comments. I have run RPTCHK16 and DSX diagnostic programs
from Seagate/CR and I am confident I have all the DLL's loaded in the right
places as far as RPTCHK16 is concerned but none of my reports get past
error message "unable to load database". 

How to interpret the DSX comparison results is a bit of a puzzle to me,
because I don't have an NT4 box on which the reports run. So I may have to
install CRW an a client's NT4 box.

I may wrap all the reports into a D4 program using CRW32 ver I
hope this task will be as simple as I think.

Russell Belding
Belding Computing Devices

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