At 10:45 pm 12/3/1999 +1300, Tony Blomfield said:
>The question I asked on my last mail was directed to the chap, who obviously
>new Crystal very well, but unfortunatly I haven't had a reply. To refresh
>your memory, the question was "Does Crystal still create real dumb SQL which
>can not be modified and which brings all columns back to the workstation
>where they are filterd locally???" Take a slow boat to china...

Gidday Tony,

The answer is definately half right to that one. It's a problem I hit a
while back where Crystal does not generate certain SQL calls, e.g. "NULL",
but filters those cals at the workstation.

This causes problems when you e.g. ask for all records where the "name is
NOT NULL". Crystal will select all records in this case to send to the
workstation where the workstation will print only those with a blank name
(maybe none).

To get around this fault, you can edit the generated SQL directly -
PROBLEM: You will have to remember to keep editing the SQL every time you
open that report in Crystal as it re-generates the SQL every time.

Hope this helps.

I've been using QR but will have a looky at this RBPro due to the kind
words and warm fuzzies experienced by others here.

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