At 22:45 12/03/99 +1300, Tony wrote:
>The question I asked on my last mail was directed to the chap, who obviously
>new Crystal very well, but unfortunatly I haven't had a reply. To refresh
>your memory, the question was "Does Crystal still create real dumb SQL which
>can not be modified and which brings all columns back to the workstation
>where they are filterd locally???" Take a slow boat to china...

This reply is from a pragmatic Crystal Reports user not from someone who
knows Crystal internals well. I'm using the Crystal Reports Print Engine 16
from a D1 application and some reports requiring a date range or name of
person it brings back all records to the client pc for filtering. If there
is a smarter way to use the CRPE I'd would welcome insight. 

There are many areas to evaluate something like CR. Examples: prior
investment, cost of changing, export ability, ease of installation (my
problem at present using it on NT4 boxes), ability to subreport, and others.

For example, CR's exporting ability suits my requirements well. Reports can
be exported to Excel, HTML, Lotus, RTF, Word files (mostly), into exchange
folders and more. (I'm mixing CR32 and CR16 capabilities here)

[]  I appreciate your comments Russell. (Not sure I understand your first para too 
well. I think you are agreeing with us???)

I am happy with QR (Despite all the bugs) but Customers KEEP on wanting stuff done in 
Crystal thanks to the MS marketing lies. I'd like to have a nice simple report builder 
to hand on to my customers instead of Crystal, but there does not appear to be much 
out there. As Steve points out, if your DB is anything larger than small (say 50MB) 
then Crystal is useless. No chance of geting them to change their thinking I suppose? 
IMO it is essential to be able to build the report around your own SQL.

I don't consider your last Para a good reason. All of these can be done easily using 
QR or writing your own Delphi Components anyway.

Of course there is allways Report Smith!!!


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