Tony wrote:

> nice simple report builder to hand on to my customers instead of Crystal,
> but there does not appear to be much out there. As Steve points out, if

Report Builder Pro provides a very nice royalty free end-user report
designer.  Report formats can be stored in BLOB fields inside a database
which is very handy, or also saved to disk.  The report designer has
-full- query-by-example editors so that you're clients to get to your
data in any format they want.  And you can also limit what they can see
(i.e. hide table names and give them end-user descriptions making things
very nice :)

Russell wrote:

> and liked what I saw.

On the downside, Report Builder Pro is quite sore on the wallet, about
NZ$500 from memory, but imho worth it.
> Exporting reports is not as simple as you indicate. I'm thinking about
> exporting reports to MSWord.  CR can export to RTF faily well but it cannot
> export correctly to MS Word preserving all the formatting, for documents
> whose complexity is beyond that of RTF documents, but within Word 97 scope.
> Perhaps CR 6 and 7 have been improved; the CR tech team once told me
> something like "exporting 100% correctly to Word is in our too hard basket".

For exporting to RTF/XLS/HTML with Report Builder, check out  A simple third-party "output device".
> So I'm preparing to shift my 16 bit apps report package into a D4 program
> and this will mean having two bde's installed on each clients server. One
> for the app and one for its reporting package.

Eeek :( Not very elegant, but needs must I guess.
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