>> We are using CR6 on Access (900 MB) and MS SQL Server 6.5
>>databases up to 1.2Gb with no problems.
>So can you please let us in on the secret, How do you get a report to run in
>a reasonable time where you have a join involving say 8 tables (not an
>unreasonable number) accross a 900MB DB, where any one of those table has
>lets say 1 million rows, and Crystal returns T1 X T2 X T3......X T8 Rows in
>the result set.
>I'd really like to know how you do this.
>I'd also like to know how you manage to stuff 900MB into access tables with
>reliability, but thats another issue. Ah to hell with it, it's not worth the

It may not be worth an argument but it is, I think, worth discussing.

It would seem using CR6 with MS SQL 6.5 there is server side filtering, not
client side filtering.

>From Paul's description we don't know if the Access table has many records
or large objects per record. Or the average peak number of concurrent users
per week.

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