Can we really think about using Ask for that?

My impression is that it is not even very well accepted as a forum. Not an example of success.

For me the current web of extensions looks and works well enough.

And on the other hand we could be more thankful with the volunteer work of the people in the project, whether we like it or not.

Miguel Ángel.

El 11/10/18 a las 14:58, Bjoern Michaelsen escribió:
Hello Design Team,

as you might be aware, the user experience of our extension and template
website causes users a lot of concern[1]. This is despite volunteer efforts
trying to move this forward, but stalling due to limited resources, which led
to TDF even attempting to get commercial support for Plone[2] to augment the
the limited volunteer ressources available. The latter did not help to
meaningfully improve the situation either.

So as all current efforts there are stalled, I looked around for alternative
solutions to our usecase -- which is hosting auxiliary content for LibreOffice
consumers. We already have a platform that does that, which is already allows uploading of templates as attachments to
questions, so it can already be used for templates. Doing so (e.g. by posting a
self-answered question) is possible, but not exactly intuitive. However, askbot
also provides:

- various logins including OAuth etc. (which currently is a hassle on Plone)
- distributed moderation and gamification (which currently is a bottleneck on 
- better discoveribility, tagging and social media integration
- markdown, mini-wiki and discussion of content
- multi-language support

That is, the experience for template creators and consumers is already much 
on askbot than it is on the current extension and templates website, which is
stalled and currently has no clear path to even get to a experience comparable
with askbot -- let alone beyond.

As such, I would like to suggest the design team to investigate, if it is 

- to extend askbots existing UI to offer uploading of templates
   (well, technically that is already possible: This is just about making the
   usecase more obvious to users, e.g. with a guided "templates upload wizard")
- to extend askbots configuration to also allow .oxt files as uploads and offer
   the same for extensions
- finally, use e.g. tags to provide a "template" or "extension" view of

Unlike the rather limited successes we had with Plone, TDF sucessfully triggered
improvements of askbot in the past[3], so given some well-scoped choices and
selections made by the design team wrt askbot could help guide the same in the



[1] Seen e.g. by:
     a/ repeated cries for help on twitter, some examples:
     b/ currently no presentation templates being offered there, despite this
        being the most common use case:
        and massive template collections actually being hosted elsewhere e.g.:
[2] see entry for 2016-02-18 on

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