Hi Maarten,

On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 02:06:54PM +0200, Maarten Brouwers (murb) wrote:
> What about adapting Mozilla’s extension-site? 

So lets phrase the problem differently: We are not lacking tools or platforms.
We are lacking volunteers to maintain, develop and moderate on platforms. So if
you find a team of 2 to 3 enthusiastic volunteers that are willing to push a
platform forward that is great. That platform can be Mozilla Addons, Askbot,
Plone or something else.

OTOH that is for later: This is the design list and the focus should be on
identifying the vital core features needed on a solution. I opened the
discussion with Askbot as it provides this:
- We currently have a well-maintained instance.
- We currently have active moderators on that site.
- We were able to purchase development on AskBot.

So the workflow has to be:

1/ Identify core needs and usecases
2/ Find volunteers, enthusiasts and maintainers, who can provide these core
   usecases with ~whatever tool they want.
3/ Implement MVP on a platform and extend usecases as volunteer resources allow
   (maybe topped up with some payed development, if that is worth it)

The tools are NOT the important part of this. People are. Considering AskBot,
which has 100 to 1000 moderators:


instead of _only_ considering Plone, because "we always used it" is putting
people first.

So tl;dr: This is the design list, we do 1/ "Identify core needs and usecases"
here. No tools/platform discussion[1]. Next up would be finding enthusiastic
people willing to work on this. For the most part, they can use whatever tool
they want, if they get stuff done. Even if I think their tool is horrible or
"a bus turned into a car", I am happy, if the users of the site are happy and
there is an active set of volunteers[2] maintaining it.



[1] And again: Saying "Do not limit yourself to Plone" is exactly that: It
    keeps the tools out of a discussion that should identify core usecases.
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor

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