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> I agree with Michael here, but there is a limit. Imagine a user who pledges 
> to many projects which are then suspended as they grow, but who is also lazy  
> and leaves the pledges suspended rather than dropping them. Their history 
> could become bloated with (imo) useless information as the months run by.
> I think the proper place to tackle this is: if a user has not reinstated a 
> suspended pledge within 3 (?) months, it should be automatically dropped. 
> Apologies if we've already had this conversation; I do remember talking about 
> it but not this particular facet, and mobile makes it hard to go back and 
> check. 

This seems like a good idea to me.  I think we should notify them with
some reasonable notice, e.g. a brief email 2 weeks before it will be
dropped.  Also they'll of course have been notified when it was
initially auto-suspended.  (In both cases they might be able to opt out
of these notifications, but I certainly think the default should be to
be notified of these situations.)

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