On 14.10.2016 07:22, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> It's not perfect, but I think this is usable. I worked hard to capture
> every aspect that would cover all the important elements, avoid
> misunderstanding from people who might have the wrong guesses if things
> weren't quite clear, and achieves the basic idea of a compelling
> introduction from which people should jump to learning the details
> and/or signing up.
> Audio here: http://snowdrift.sylphs.net/f/a3591afcb5/?raw=1
> That's a direct download to a FLAC file
> Here's the script: http://snowdrift.sylphs.net/f/9894866a59/?raw=1
> Both are available to the design group in Seafile as well.
> The fundamental images I insist on having in the video are the ones that
> show the road blocked by snowdrift (it should be blocked enough to be
> clearly a problem, not just sorta snowy), the toll-road with cameras and
> billboards, and the vision we want: a nice clear road with trees and no
> billboards, no obstacles.
> I can easily imagine other illustrations or text shown in the video to
> accompany the narration, but the core thing is the road images and then
> just whatever else will fill out a functional video.
> We can always iterate or make updated versions later, but right now we
> need a first version that's good enough to actually put live and then
> start getting feedback on and be usable for our initial launch.
> Cheers,
> Aaron

Thanks Aaron!

As expected this is quite a bit long which is why I take the freedom to
use only parts of the snippet. For now my plan is to us this:

Snowdtrift.coop has a new solution to help everyone cooperate in solving
the snowdrift dilemma.

In our crowdmatching system, you don't risk volunteering while everyone
else freerides. Instead, you say, "I'll help, but I'm not doing it all
myself. I'll chip in a little more for each person who joins me!"

And instead of one-time, hyped-up, all-or-nothing campaigns, we
calculate our crowdmatching donations monthly, combining mutual
assurance with sustainable funding and accountability.

Snowdrift.coop will support any projects developing true public goods
under free/libre/open licenses with no extra gates, tolls, or
limitations. Join us in clearing the path to a better, free and open future!

The snippet is easier to digest and covers a more realistic amount of
time/work for having something up in time. Any thoughts on this?

Oh about the audio quality - i think there is room for improvement, I
just don't know how much or how easy. For now only the content and
timing is important, but in the end we might to turn some knobs there.

Thanks for putting it together!

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