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Welcome to our discussion forum :-) It may help you to know that
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companies, and the only ones who represent Mozilla are the ones listed here:
as doing so.

On 20/09/16 08:23, 谭晓生 wrote:
> I’m Xiaosheng Tan, the Chief Security Officer of Qihoo 360, on the
> inquiry of the disclosure of Wosign deal, we are not obligated to
> disclose it under the SEC regulation, here is the reply from our
> internal lawyers:

To be totally clear: Mozilla is not suggesting that StartCom, WoSign or
Qihoo 360 have done anything illegal. The questions we are asking about
disclosure relate to Mozilla's policies on the topic (and perhaps to the
CAB Forum voting rules), not to the SEC rules.

Having said that, if the company structure is as we understand it to be,
I am very surprised that your lawyers do not think that WoSign is a
"significant subsidiary" of Qihoo 360 under SEC rules. But that is a
matter for you and the SEC, not for us :-)

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