Dear Peter,
In terms of investments, the answer is that we do not have on going 
negotiations on investments/acquisitions with any CAs.
In terms of partnership, as a security company, we are open to work with CAs, 
we can share some threat intelligence with CAs, for example, the stolen/abused 
digital certificates, and, as there are state standards for digital 
certificates of China, 360‘s browser could support the SM2/SM4 algorithm, we 
can work with CAs to issue the digital certificates that follow the China’s 
local standards/regulations.

在 16/9/21 上午1:00,“Peter Bowen”<> 写入:

    On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 8:41 AM, 谭晓生 <> wrote:
    >     2) Does Qihoo 360, a Qihoo 360 subsidiary, a Qihoo 360 VIE, or a Qihoo
    >     360 VIE subsidiary, or a combination of those own or control a
    >     majority of shares in WoSign?
    > [Xiaosheng]: Yes, the combination of those own 84% of shares in Wosign.
    To avoid anything coming up later, do any combination of these have
    interest in any other CAs?

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